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Kehrer Saltzman & Associates is a strategic management consulting firm that provides the financial advice industry with insights based on a melding of research and experience in managing the delivery of investment, insurance and wealth management.

We work with banks, credit unions, broker-dealers, insurance companies and related financial services companies to provide services including market research, product and business development, consulting and industry discussion groups. Read more...

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  • The third of the series of reports on the 2013 Kehrer Saltzman Bank Wealth Management Benchmarking Survey is now available. Drawing on data from the KSA survey of 21 bank wealth management firms, this report provides benchmarks for assets and revenue per FTE, expense ratios, and compensation for key positions/functions in Bank Trust and Investment Management Firms. Learn More

  • Due Diligence on Third Party Marketers and Turnkey Asset Management ProvidersFind out more about both of these programs and download the prospectus

  • Available Now! Recruiting Packages for Financial Advisors:
    Progressive Packages from Bank and Credit Union Brokerage Firms. The competition for Financial Advisors is increasingly intense, with larger bank and nonbank firms providing significant incentives to attract talent.  When recruiting Advisors, you need to know what other firms are offering and which incentives work best. Learn More

  • Financial Planning Services in Banks and Credit Unions
    2013 Kehrer Saltzman Survey of Financial Planning Services in Financial Institutions Creating a financial planning culture is integral to transforming the bank brokerage industry from a transaction model to a financial advice model. Learn More

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